Gas Oven Repairs in Melbourne

Gas Oven Repairs in Melbourne

Fix my oven – 0ven repair Melbourne can organise a qualified and experienced technician who specialises in fixing gas ovens and gas stoves in Melbourne for a reasonable price.

Michael, the gas technician, has many years of experience repairing electric and gas ovens and he is qualified to disconnect and reconnect the gas to the stove.

Michael repairs many oven brands such as Smeg ovens and Smeg stoves, Blanco ovens and Blanco stoves, Westinghouse ovens and Westinghouse stoves (many Westinghouse stoves have problems with the ignition), Chef ovens and Chef stoves, Ilve ovens and Ilve stoves (which may have problems with the selector switch) and many other oven and stove brands.

Please note: We don’t repair cooktops.

Some stoves have a copper connection that need to be disconnected to move the oven. Others have a flexible hose so we can move the stove without disconnecting it. When you call us, if possible, please let us know what type of connection your stove has.

Please call Fix My Oven – gas oven repairs Melbourne for more details.