oven repairs

Before you call Fix my oven – Oven repair Melbourne please check that the oven has power. The oven should have its own dedicated fuse. Check it has not tripped or blown the wire (in old fuses).

If you do have power and the digital clock is flashing, but nothing else is working, it is most likely that you have had a power failure and all you need to do is to reset the clock. If you are not sure how to reset it please consult your manual (yes, we do get a lot of calls where all we need to do is reset the clock!).

If the oven has stopped working, it might be because it has overheated, and the safety thermostat has tripped. It will usually work once it has cooled down. However, if the problem occurs again please contact us. If you have mesh on your fan forced oven, keep it clean, otherwise it can block the airflow. If you see smoke when you turn on your oven it is likely that you have a deposit of oil on the elements. Continued use of the oven will burn it away and the smoke will stop. Do not put any weight on the door as over time it can damage the door hinges.

If your oven is still not working please call us.

If we can, we will try to help you over the phone. If you require a service call we have a low service call fee and if we can we will advise you the total cost of the repair.