When You Call

When you call Fix My Oven – Oven repairs Melbourne we will ask you a few questions to ensure we can provide you with the best service in Melbourne.

We will ask you for the oven brand and model (Like Smeg oven, Blanco oven, Chef oven, Westinghouse oven etc.) and for the specific problem so we know which part you need and to ensure we have it.

Please note: It is not always possible to know in advance which part you might need.

We will also ask you for the best day and time that suits you and we will call you half an hour before we arrive so you are not stuck at home waiting. Often we can book you for the same day if you call us in the morning.

Sometimes we can fix your oven over the phone (yes, for free!) so we might ask you to reset the oven clock. (If the clock is flashing you will not have power to the selector switch and to the thermostat). Alternatively, we may ask you to reset the fuse in the main fuse box. (Most ovens have a separate fuse so you would not know that it trips.)

If you need further information please call us.

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