Why Choose Us

Why choose Us

If your oven is not working how do you know which oven repairer to choose?

You want quick service and you want your oven to be repaired on the first visit for a reasonable price and you want someone you can TRUST.

Fix My Oven offers same day service for most calls and most ovens are fixed on the spot, as we carry many parts and charge a low service call fee.

The best way to know which company to trust is to read reviews.

Fix My Oven has hundreds of 5 star reviews. Please read them on Google, True Local,Yellow Pages and Word of Mouth and see why our customers trust us.

You can trust us to give you the right advice at the right price. We use good quality parts and do not replace parts without reason. (You would be surprised how many other companies do).

What to be aware of when you book a company to repair your oven:

  • Service Call Fee – Many companies charge $150 service call fee plus $33 for every 15 minutes. Fix My Oven charges just $110 service call fee (in the service area) and doesn’t charge for extra time. After we test your oven we will provide you with a quote and it will be cheaper than other companies.
  • Free Quotes – Some companies will offer you a free quote. If they do, it will cost you more overall.
  • Parts _ Some companies don’t use good quality parts and you won’t know. For example, some heat elements come from China. They are cheap but will not last long.
  • Replacing parts – Sometimes it is not necessary to replace faulty parts. For example, if your lower heat element is faulty you can still use the oven in fan forced mode (many ovens do not have a lower heat element). Also, if your digital clock is faulty we may be able to bypass it and save you a lot of money. Most other technicians will not do this and will charge you for new parts.
  • Replacing the oven – Sometimes it is not worth fixing an old oven and purchasing a new one is a better option. Most technicians will not tell you that as they can more money repairing it. Fix My Oven will always give you honest advice.
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