How Much Will It Cost To Repair My Electric Oven?

How Much Will It Cost To Repair My Electric Oven?

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When you are looking for oven repairs online, be aware that companies that appear at the top of Google search may not necessarily provide you with the best, or cheapest, service.

The best way to choose an oven repair company is by checking their reviews and location.

Many appliance and oven repair companies overcharge the customer. Many charge $145-$165 service call fee just to attend and then $45 for every 15 minutes thereafter.

You may end up paying over $200 just to be told that your oven is not worth repairing. 

We have repaired electric ovens that have previously been repaired by other companies. On discussion with the customer we found that they were overcharged and weren’t provided with a quality service. The technician just replaced the faulty part, without checking the oven overall.

Fix My Oven will provide you with a quality service at a reasonable price. We don’t charge by the hour and charge a lower service call fee. We will check your oven and provide you with a quote to repair. If it’s not worth repairing, we will let you know. Most repairs will be under $300 overall.

We don’t just replace the faulty part. We will also ensure that all the oven functions are working properly and that you know how to get the best out of your oven. We will also test your oven temperature to make sure it’s correct as many ovens tend to overheat.

We are very proud that Fix My Oven has been awarded with hundreds of 5 star reviews, as we always strive to provide you with honest and quality service.

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